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Austin Evers

Graduate Researcher, Pursuing Ph.D.
B.S. - Chemical Engineering - Clemson University (Clemson, SC)

Austin Evers received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Clemson University in 2020. Throughout his undergraduate career, he contributed in drug delivery research studies under the leadership of Dr. Jessica Larsen. Currently, he is studying towards a PhD in Chemical Engineering with Dr. Symone Alexander as his advisor. Specifically, he is interested in the biomaterial applications of the microgels and their nutritional uptake in the kidneys.

Current Research Project:

Multifunctional materials for the adsorption of metabolic toxins  

Focus: Post-chemo Digestive Distress

Fun Facts

Hometown: Simpsonville, SC USA

Hobbies: Some of my extracurricular activities include hanging out with friends, hiking, playing basketball/volleyball, listening to music, playing and teaching myself the piano/guitar, baking and cooking new desserts and foods, and just learning new things overall!

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