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The Alexander Research Team

Bio-inspired Materials Advancing Science and Society



Nature achieves feats of engineering while operating efficiently and sustainably with minimal resources. From fundamental understanding to materials design, the Alexander Research Team uses nature as inspiration to solve scientific problems related to recovery and utilization of waste products and toxin remediation. We have four primary research platforms:

  1. Extraction and Utilization of Biopolymers from Mixed Food Waste​​ 

  2. Dynamic Compatibilizers for Mixed Waste Plastics​

  3. ​Structural Uniformity of Cellulose Gels and Microgels​​

  4. Bioinspired Responsive Systems

Our primary research fields are biopolymer extraction, biopolymer composites and gels, mechanics of soft materials, and biomechanics.

Latest Publications


Extraction of cellulose from restaurant food waste

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