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Armin Esfahani

Graduate Researcher, Ph.D Student
B.S. - Polymer Engineering - Azad University (Tehran, Iran)
M.S. - Polymer Engineering - Azad University (Tehran, Iran)

My name is Armin, and I graduated with master degree from Azad University science and research branch in Polymer Engineering. During my bachelor and master thesis, my main focus was on the polymer composites which are thermally conductive but electrically insulating with emphasis on the Rheology-micro and nanostructure relationship of polymer blends containing single and hybrid fillers and phonon transport phenomena. Additionally, I have worked on an invention in the field of antimicrobial and antiviral polymeric covers, we produced a polymeric film with an immediate antimicrobial and antiviral activity.

Current Research Project:

Study the effect of drying methods on pores/micro- structure of hydrogels. Design a model to predict the pore size of cellulose hydrogel based on the drying method.

Focus: Computational 

Fun Facts

Hometown: Tehran, Iran

Hobbies: Running, playing soccer, hiking, and Cooking!

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